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February 27, 2017 5.4k views
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I’m planning to buy a hosting plan from DO, and i want to setup it the way that i can resell it as a shared hosting to customers. I also want to give customers access to manage their own hosting.

Any suggestion what type of plan that will best fit my needs to implement it?


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If the goal is to offer shared hosting and to easily allow customers to manage their accounts, you’ll need some type of control panel (i.e. VestaCP, cPanel, Plesk), unless you plan to setup each account by hand and manage them for your clients. DigitalOcean doesn’t provide those for you and you will need to install them after your Droplet is live.

With shared hosting in mind, I would recommend a 2GB or 4GB Droplet and then scaling as demand requires you to do so.

  • Good thing you mention that DO doesn’t provide free control panel.
    Will the 1GB enough for 2-5 client as shared hosting?

    • that would entirely depend on what is going to be hosted by each clients.

      usually for a single WordPress install recommended memory required is 1GB. but with optimized setup, you could have 4/5 wordpress installation under same 1GB droplet.

    • @brownmamba

      If they are relatively low-traffic, and each installation is using minimal plugins, I’d say 1GB will be fine, though if each installation is using 20-30+ plugins and has moderate to medium traffic, I’d stick with 2-4GB as a starting point.

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