Hosting vs usage pricing question

Posted April 19, 2015 5.5k views

I am looking for a relatively small website, some of which will be static, I will use tomcat and postgres and radicale. It’s for my family (calendar app) and my occasional, small java app project(s). I would like to park some personal documents (encrypted) there as well. If I leave tomcat, postgres and radical ‘running’, does that affect what I’m charged? I’m confused because there are hourly and monthly rates, but I want to be able to access my site 24x7.

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So the hourly pricing is for instance if you create a droplet and a few hours later you decide mm i don’t need it anymore and you destroy it the hours it was running is priced on the hourly pricing . Now the monthly pricing is what you seem to need for your use case . so example you select a 5$ droplet then you will only pay 5$ a month as long as you stay within the bandwidth and storage needs of course :)

  • Okay, so it seems that DO is geared mostly to developers who want to build and test their apps? Or do a lot of people also use it as a basic hosting service too?

i use it as a basic hosting service and use if for a scalable production environment . its geared to what ever you want to do with it if its testing you can spin up a droplet for a few hours or keep it running 24/7 with the monthly pricing.

  • So you use it for both, similar to what I want to do. I just wanted to confirm that it can be used inexpensively for both before I commit. Thank you for your help, I think that I’ll go with DO, I’ve seen quite a few favourable comments about them.

been running droplets for about 6 months now and never had a surprise bill shoved under my nose . its pretty straightforward . i’ve also done the round of cloud hosting providers and didn’t find anything cheaper then the 5$ droplet compared to other providers . and the dashboard is really nice :-) . good luck with your dev’s .