Hostname reverting

January 14, 2019 413 views
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I’m running some centos7 droplets. I’ve followed other posts saying to update hosts and hostname to change the hostname of the droplet and that works fine. A reboot to two later however and the hostname file has reverted back to its original content. How do I stop that from happening?

2 Answers

Are you running NetworkManager? Here are a few more places to check if you haven’t already:

hostnamectl set-hostname
/etc/sysconfig/network # set variable HOSTNAME=""



To change the hostname and preserve changes after a reboot you have to do two things:

1- Change the hostname in /etc/hostname file.

2- Execute this command: hostname <new_host_name> replace <new_host_name> with your desired hostname also you need to update /etc/hosts with an entry for the new hostname and your droplet’s IP address.

Hope this helps.

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