How am I billed?

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  • Hi,

    In the website Homepage, i see a data at the end of the page which says “2,919,012 Droplets Launched”.
    Is this the count for the active droplets billed till date? or do this even include the inactive droplets?

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Our pricing actually goes to three decimal places hourly so for 512MB its: $0.015/hr

Which equates to $10.80, but to make it easier once you exceed $10 for the month you are billed a flat $10.

We always bill whichever is lower, either the hourly rate or the flat monthly rate.
@wtraylor If you are looking to use a server for only 35 minutes consider using powered by Digital Ocean servers.

@e.swanson take a snapshot of the droplet, then at anytime you can create a new droplet from that snapshot.

I also just found out that you are billed for instances that are powered off.
That's completely what you wouldn't expect.

I have a proposal: How abut having a (non-reserved) power off state, where just the storage/harddisk is billed.

Please take our feedback seriously.

I don't understand how everyone is surprised that yes, your server is off, but it's also reserved with a set of dedicated RAM, IP address, and a mounted disk. In order to turn it on at a moments notice it must remain reserved just for you. That cloud server cannot be used for anyone else during that time period so yes, of course you're going to be charged when it's powered down since DO is not able to rent it out to anyone else. This is no different then how RackSpace handles their cloud servers as well. The Power Down button isn't there to somehow confuse you, you need that button to save a snap shot or restart your server in the event it becomes unresponsive. I think a lot of users here are just new to the idea of cloud servers and understanding the unique nature of them.
  • Hear Hear! The most sensible comment on this silly thread. You cant expect to not be billed for resources you have reserved on the DO platform. EDIT: However I do feel it would be good to have a reduced hourly rate if the server is offline but hey that is what the snapshots are for! USE THEM!
You are billed hourly for your utilization up to the monthly price per Droplet.
Does that mean 512MB will cost me (0.01*24*30) $7.2?
Thanks for the question. Our pricing for a 512mb server is actually $0.015 per hour. If you keep the server through the month we cap the price at $10... So you'll never pay more that $10 per month for a 512mb server!
do i am billed by plan or by droplet? i mean if i sign up for the $80/mo, 4GB Memory, 4 Cores, 160GB Disk cloud plan can i share those resources on a x number of droplets or ill have to sign up for every droplet that i want to make?
You are billed per virtual server, so if you spin up an $80/mo virtual server that is what you get billed for.

You can spin up 4 x 1GB virtual servers at $20/mo, or 1 x 4GB server for $80/mo, either way the pricing equates to the same amount.
It appears CPU utilization plays no role whatsoever in billing. If the droplet is sitting idle or calculating the millionth digit of pi, it's all the same if it's running. Is that correct?
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