How can DigitalOcean know who is the real owner of a certain domain?

April 21, 2014 2k views
Hi, as soon as I completed the setup of my first droplet and managed to get my domain to work right I was asking about this scenario: suppose there are two users, User1 and User2 that are registered on DigitalOcean and both own a droplet. Now suppose User1 owns the domain, dutifully points the name servers to DigitalOcean, and via the DigitalOcean dns control panel gets to point to his own droplet. User2, with a simple "whois", knows that the name servers for point to DigitalOcean so he try, with the help of the DigitalOcean dns control panel, to connect to his own droplet, even though he is not the owner of the domain. So how DigitalOcean knows who really is the owner of the domain?
1 Answer
The control panel gives an error if you try to add a domain that's already been added.
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