How can I access private files on Spaces using GET?

March 3, 2018 101 views

I am trying to access private files from my Spaces, I have not found any way to access my files through the GET method. I have a secret and a key id, the standard credentials, are there any variables I can use in order to access my private files using my id and secret?
For example, something like:
I really need help with this, if it is not possible, please can someone instruct me on how to access private files using the aws-sdk.
Thank you very much

1 Answer

Spaces was designed to be compatible with the S3 API in order to allow users to leverage existing tools. Accessing private files requires generating a signature for authentication. As this is quite complicated, you should generally use an existing library in your programing language of choice.

Check out this question for examples in a number of languages:

Let us know more about how you are trying to access the files, and we can provide a more specific answer.

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