I have a DO App which currently runs node.

I need to add the ability to run a LUA program.

How can I make it so my app installs LUA?

Should I use a worker instead? (never used one before, but having a separate thing for it sounds like it makes sense)

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Hey there!

While LUA isn’t natively supported in App Platform, you can install this using a Dockerfile build. If the LUA application doesn’t need to be accessed externally, you can run it as a worker. This would allow your application to access it internally, but it wouldn’t be accessible externally. If it needs to be externally accessible then you would want to create it as a web service and choose a specific route for it to be accessible on.

App Platform Workers

Hope it helps!

  • some clarifications:

    1. it doesn’t need to be accessed externally, but I still need to make it a separate worker, I cant add it to my current one, currect?

    2. can I use someone’s premade docker hub package and still download my code from a repo? or do I need to make a custom docker package if I want it to download a repo?

    3. how do I communicate with a worker? am I expected to make a web server and use normal web requests?

      1. You could add it as a worker to your current app. It doesn’t need to be created as its own app.

      2. Yes you can use a premade Docker hub image, but this would not load your data from the repo. It would only use the image. I’d recommend making your own Docker image or Dockerfile if you don’t want to make your own image.

      3. All components in app platform can be access internally though http using their component name. http://component.name

      Hope it helps!