How can I add multiple Ghost installations to a Ghost one click app droplet?

May 4, 2016 2.4k views
Ghost Ubuntu Nginx

If I want to run several ghost sites on a single droplet, how can I modify the config files to handle this? I am totally unfamiliar with nginx and the way it works.

Is their a tutorial on how to setup multiple ghost installations on the same machine or even a tutorial on setting up hosts on nginx and Digital Ocean’s Ubuntu configuration?


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This tutorial should point you in the write direction:

The key things to remember is that you need to have DNS configured correctly for each blog. The Nginx configurations must also set the server_name directive so that requests are routed correctly. In the Ghost blogs’ config.js files, you’ll need to edit the url and port values. The tutorial walks you through it.

by Justin Ellingwood
Ghost is a blogging platform focused on easy content creation and beautiful presentation. In this guide, we will discuss how to host multiple Ghost blogs on a single VPS by utilizing nginx server blocks.
  • Got it. Perfect, thanks.

    One thing the tutorial doesn’t really touch on though is the database that’s going to be used. It looks like then all the sites will share the same database. Is that OK? Is that desirable?


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