How can I change my Load Balacer requests timeout?

April 8, 2019 359 views
Load Balancing API Ubuntu

Sometimes, my API (Spring Boot Java Application) needs more than 1 minute to response the request. When that happens, I get 504 gateway timeout error.

If I do a GET request direct to the machine, using its IP, everything works fine. But when I do the same request to the load balancer url, I get the 504 gateway error after 1 minute.

How can I change the load balancer timeout time?

Thank you.

1 Answer

I am having the exact same issue. If I run my Spring Boot application (through a docker container) on the exact same droplet and hit the server directly it runs no problem (taking over 60 seconds). However, when I run on the droplets that are being managed by the Load Balancer and use the Load Balancer URL, I get the 504 Gateway Time-out error after 1 minute every time.

If anyone has the solution to this it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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