How can I change the SOA address in DNS settings?

April 23, 2015 7.9k views

I’ve registered a domain (almost). To continue the registration, I need to set an existing email address in my SOA record. Currently it’s hostmaster.[], by default in dns settings. But as I saw, I couldn’t change this. What can I do?

5 Answers

Hi! Unfortunately it is not possible to edit the SOA address right now. Please vote for this functionality on our suggestions board to show your support and to get notified whenever there’s an update.

Hi kamain7
is there a possibility DO will implement this functionality ASAP ?
I’m waiting … :)

I now need this functionality as well.
Ive moved all of my servers here and am running into NS server issues. Having access to the SOA record would be of great benefit.

I’ve used 3 votes to add to this. Why’s this not allowed?

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