how can i configure mail server in hosting without cpanel

April 6, 2016 6.2k views
Apache Email

i have small VPS serves about 8 websites
centos 6.7 running on the VPS without cpanel
just lamp and apache virtual host for each website
i need to configure free mail server to offer mail account for each domain
let's say that will have mail like
and the others will be .... etc
i already did it with zarafa along side with lamp but i had a problem with relay
i'm not expert for mail servers but all i need is a way to configure working mail server along with hosting solution

2 Answers

@lan2015 thanks i installed in on a local VM , it works like charm but when i try to send to outlook or any mail outside the msg arrives on junk folder . does it require extra configuration ?

  • Check if your reverse dns and a-record of that DNS record point to the same hostname

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