How can I delete snapshots?

June 4, 2013 13.5k views
I know I can create and restore from snapshots, but how can I delete snapshots?
  • I’m curious too about that.

  • In the top menubar you can find the “Images” section, here are listed all your snapshots and backups.
    Here you can delete your snapshots (…and move them between user/regions)

  • The snapshot feature is great. Being able to create, delete and move snap shots are great features. loving Digital Ocean. Its a breath of fresh air in the VPS jungle

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@edwardloveall , Hi, You will first need to click on “Images” in the top menu, then click Snapshots in the right hand side menu, you will see the X button against the snapshots you may have created.

My suggestion, @kamaln7 would be to have the X button appearing also within “Droplets >> Snapshots .. else a link saying "Delete snapshots” leading to images >> snapshots

Press "Images" and then you'll se your snapshots to the right.

Um.... so how do we delete snapshots?

No responses. Just wondering if anyone knows how to delete snapshots, as I've created a few, and my console is getting a bit cluttered. Thanks. :-)
You can delete snapshots with the (X) button, you just can't delete backups.
I see no X button in the snapshots area. To see the snapshots I need to click the Restore from Snapshot button, and if I click on a snapshot there is a blue rectangle for the snapshot, but no X button. There is an X button to delete the droplet, but none to drop a snapshot.
Got it. Thanks very much for your reply.
Backups are deleted automatically once your droplet is destroyed, so you will have to destroy your droplet to be able to delete the backups.

@greglafrance007 how did you find the x button? I am also not seeing it.

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