How can I do 301 Redirect in nginx for 200 URLs?

February 26, 2016 7.7k views
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I have 200 URLs that I need to redirect to new URLs
e.g. -----> -----> ----->

On Apache it was very simple to do in .htaccess like:

Redirect 301 /one/p-SF10
Redirect 301 /one/p-SM28
Redirect 301 /onep-KH83

I found one of the guides with following lines:

if ( $request_filename ~ oldpage/ ) {
rewrite ^ permanent;

My question here is do I need to create these 200 'if conditions'? Wouldn't it create a huge conditional loop and overload my server?

Server configuration:
I installed Nginx+php-fpm using VestCP and set the nginx template to wordpress from within VestCP which configured my nginx.conf automatically.

1 Answer

You are right to want to avoid using if conditions here, luckily you can avoid them completely by doing the matching with a regex right in the rewrite directive. For example:

rewrite ^/path/to/old $scheme://$host/new/url permanent;

This blog post from Nginx themselves is a good read on the different ways to create rewites and redirects with Nginx and when to use them.

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