How can I find out where max_execution_time is being set to 60?

October 20, 2017 139 views
PHP Apache WordPress Ubuntu 16.04


Running php7, apache2 on ubuntu 16.04

I am having some issues regarding XML parsing in Wordpress.

My maxexecutiontime needs to be changed to 180 serverwide, but I cannot seem to change it. I have tried altering php.ini in /etc/php/7.0/apache2/, which my phpinfo() says is the relevant file. I have restarted my Apache2 server, but it doesn't seem to change anything. maxexecutiontime stays at 60.

phpinfo() says that there are also other ini files being loaded, and my guess is that one of these files may handle the maxexecutiontime setting. I cannot figure out if this is the case, or if so - how to find and change the setting. Can anyone help me out?

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