How can I get Digital Ocean to answer my question?

September 23, 2014 2k views

I have an unanswered question which was posted 4 days ago. Recently there has been a deluge of SPAM at this Q&A section, so I guess the staff may have missed it.

Is there any way I can get my question answered, short of repeating it here again?

  • You may open a support ticket for question which is directly asked to DO as company !!

  • As the question applies to other users and not just my droplet, I thought it might be better to get it answered here rather than file a support ticket.

1 Answer

Hi Gerald,

Sorry for the late response, I’ve answered your other question as well. While this site is mostly aimed at community based support and discussion, there are a number of DO staff that monitor it and answer questions (myself included). As you noticed, we’ve been battling a lot of spam recently. That’s definitely lowered the response rate. We’re working to add more anti-spam protections on a number of different fronts.

More generally, we have a few different forums for different purposes. Besides this site, we also use UserVoice for tracking feature requests and of course support tickets. If you have issues with DigitalOcean infrastructure, please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket.


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