How can I have a droplet as a part of my internal network using 192.168.x?

March 12, 2016 1.9k views
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I would like to setup a small droplet which will be configured for file sharing, but I have an internal network with 5 computers and would like to use the droplet as a small file server.

I dont want to use ownCloud, rather , I will entertain using WebDAV and map the users to the drive, but I cannot wrap my head on how will I be able to do that?

My internal route is 192.168.1.x - how can i have an always “on” connection and use a droplet as if its a part of our internal network to allow ALL access.


1 Answer

Install a SMB Server on your Droplet with ACL´s, which permit/deny access to the files and embed this server as a network share on your local computers.

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