How can I host two domains in one droplet with Ajenti?

January 23, 2017 3k views
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Installed control panel Ajenti, followed the tutorial and one website is already configured, now i would like to know how to add another website there but in same droplet where first website is hosted, is any way in Ajenti where can be possible to configure this? If not, how to do it without messing with the already installed droplet and website? Am i missing any tutorial for this? I have searched a tutorial for Ajenti for this purpose, can't find any. Please help!

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Depending on which guide you followed, you may need to install additional packages.

The above is an overview of the packages required to use Ajenti V for 1.x. Once installed, you should be able to navigate to Web -> Websites (screenshot below)

Hi jtittle! I followed these 3 steps/tutorials:
How To Install the Ajenti Control Panel and Ajenti V on Ubuntu 14.04
Creating a Website and an Email Account on Ajenti V
Installing WordPress on Ajenti V

But don't know where to go after to install a second website in the panel, i would like to install in the same droplet, but also i don't know how to setup a second website in normal ways, what is needed to be installed in this new droplet, guess not to install the panel anymore, as it already exists?
Thank you!

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