How can I import a virtualbox vagrant box to DigitalOcean?

February 12, 2015 5.5k views


I have a hard to reproduce system configuration in a virtualbox vagrant box and I want to transform it into a DigitalOcean droplet because my laptop can’t offer any additional cpu power needed.

Is it possible, if so, how can I do it?


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  • Hi,

    Try the vagrant-digitalocean Vagrant provider. I’m still playing with it myself, trying to figure out how to test locally, then deploy to droplet. Any ideas?

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I don’t think the previous answers really understand the question … currently is NOT possible to use an existing Virtualbox image as a source for DigitalOcean droplets … the only source allowed to generate a DigitalOcean droplet is a DigitalOcean image … unfortunately, Packer is quite limited if you try to do any advanced stuff like this

If I understand correctly, it should be possible using packer and Docker containers. I found this guide explaining how, hth.

Creating DigitalOcean images with Packer

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