How can I install the dokku MariaDB plugin?

October 11, 2015 2.9k views
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According to the dokku plugin documentation here: I am trying to install the mariadb plugin. I’ve got a droplet with the One-click dokku install, and i am trying to install the plugin via this command:

dokku plugin:install mariadb

but I can’t seem to work around the error:

/var/lib/dokku/plugins/enabled/00_dokku-standard/install: line 16: /etc/init/dokku-redeploy.conf: Permission denied
Connection to [MyDomainHere] closed.

Any ideas?

Some things I’ve researched is trying to run this command as root:

sudo dokku plugin:install mariadb

but how does running the command as sudo on my local machine do anything on my docker instance? I setup the droplet with an ssh key, so I can’t log in as root and try to give to dokku user any new permissions.

1 Answer

I figured out how to work around this, if you log in to the droplet as root, you can run the install plugin command. Reset the root password on the droplet via the web interface and you should be good to go

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