How can I keep IP Address of destroyed droplet, after I recreate it using a snapshot from another droplet?

March 19, 2016 9.9k views
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I have 5 droplets for a WebApp I’m building. The development has been kept on one droplet, and I now need to take a snapshot of this, and use the image to clone on the other 4 (regional) droplets. I understand how to do this, by destroying the existing droplets first (they have old data that I want to blitz), then recreating these droplets using the snapshot of the good droplet as a clone.

However, from what I’ve read, I will end up with new IP addresses doing this.

However, I really need to keep the existing IP Addresses that I have on my existing Droplets (that I will destroy / recreate), if at all possible. Is this possible?

1 Answer

It is possible :)

Instead of destroying the droplets you will instead navigate to the destroy page in the control panel but use the rebuild option. The drop-down menu will display all disk images you have available (make sure the snapshot you have is available in all regions you’ll need it in from the Images page first). Select your snapshot from the dropdown and choose “Rebuild from Image”.

Your droplet will be rebuilt using your snapshot image, permanently destroying anything currently on the droplet, but keeping the IP address.

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