how can i know the password of root on ubuntu

August 26, 2013 14.4k views
i want to use the root,but have no password . i never set the password of root,what happned?
4 Answers
You can reset your root password by navigating to your droplet's page in our control panel and clicking the 'Reset root password' button in the 'Access' tab.
"... i never set the password of root,what happned?"

Unless you uploaded & selected an SSH key when you created your droplet, the root password would have been e-mailed to you. Check your SPAM folder, just in case.
thank you:
I see the solution that password the root in terminal on internet?
I do command passwd root in terminal,but there is error that passwd
is invalid?Hao can I change the root password?
@306044543: Did you receive the root password via email? Are you able to log in via ssh?
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