How can i manage emails from a different droplet?

June 16, 2014 2.5k views
HI, I checked the other posts on the website but didnt really find something that could help. I am managing one of my websites from one droplet and i created another droplet to manage the first droplet's emails. Like lets call the main droplet: droplet A and the mail server is droplet B so I want all droplet A's emails handled by droplet B. What I just did is that I added a new domain as and Droplet's A's DNS is configured to forward all visits of to its ip address.. actually everything is working fine with droplet A. However, droplet B is the issue. i am not sure if the entries are right. I also added an mx entry to droplet A's dns records that says hostname: and priority 1 I also have virtualmin installed and I dont know if that will make any difference. the hostname of droplet B is I really dont know what I am doing so please help. Thanks a lot! :)
1 Answer
one option could be to set up an open source mail server using on droplet B.
  • thanks! Well I just did what you said. everything went fine except that now I am seeing the php source code of the /mail do you have any idea what I should do?
  • Sorry but /iredadmin/ also gives 403. So idk. Thanks sooo much for your help!!!!
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