how can I map two subdomains to two droplets (two different IP addresses)?

July 25, 2013 4.8k views
hi I own a domain name, let's call it I want to map two subdomains of it to two DigitalOcean droplets (let's say with IP's and, as in: -> -> I've tried creating two 'A' records: sub1 sub2 but it has not worked. pinging and hits the same IP any help appreciated cheers Francisco
4 Answers
actually, I take the question back, that worked :)

it may have been a problem with not flushing correctly my dns cache
I do have a similar problem, I wand to assign a sub domain name to a different IP address, I am currently using a hosted service. Please, how can I achieve this?

@chuddy17: Simply point an A record on whatever DNS platform you are using to your droplet's IP address.
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