How can I mimic Microsoft Azure auto Deployment on a Droplet?

July 7, 2014 2.3k views

Hello there, I am new to this world and want to learn/migrate to Digital Ocean.

On Microsoft Azure one can easily deploy an express server/site using the following terminal commands:

  • npm install -g azure-cli
  • azure account download
  • azure account import <FILE_PATH>
  • azure account list
  • azure account set <ACCOUNT_SHA>
  • azure site create <SITE_NAME> --git
  • git push azure master

This deploys your local project over to Microsoft Azure and runs live... I would love to do the same thing with Digital Ocean... Tips on how to achieve this would be most welcome.

Thank you

1 Answer

We have a rich API that allows developers to build their own tools that interact with our service. You can check our projects page for a list of some of the projects using the API. One tool we love that was written by the community is tugboat, a command line tool for interacting with your DigitalOcean droplets.

You can install it with:

gem install tugboat
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