How can I point a Subdomain to DO server from 1&1 when the domain is already poointed to another DNS.

November 16, 2017 1.6k views
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So i ended up with a very complicated scenario..
Please bear with me as i explain.

I had a website on which i built through their website creation app.
now i wanted a sub-domain to point DO server but doesn’t let to create sub-domain.
so i transfered the domain to 1&1 and created a sub-domain and directed to DO.working ok till then.

but the existing website could not be accessed so i had to point the DNS of domain to
But by doing so the subdomain is also pointing to the same and not to DO.

Now how do i point my sub-domain to point to Digital Ocean server.
I already have a A record and Cname for the subdomain

1 Answer

Remove the CNAME and just add an A record for the subdomain pointing at the DO IP.

  • Didn’t work… i added just the A record for subdomain on DO point to server name ..
    I cant any record on 1and 1 side as the DNS are for name servers other than its own..
    any other way?

    • You need to get your domain to point to nameservers that you can add records to.
      Then just add an A record for the root domain pointing to the IP and an A record for the subdomain pointing to your droplet IP.

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