How can I receive an invoice named to my company?

September 9, 2013 7.4k views
I own an italian company and in order to register the invoice for our tax system I need an invoice named at: company name address IVA number (is a digit code, similat to your VAT number I think) Will I be able to get something like this? I didn't see any field to insert the company name and the VAT number Thank you
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Hello, I'm also interested in this topic as I'm registering my company right now and waiting for it to get processed. I'm from Sweden and I need to get a proper invoice. How do I acquire it? Will I get one sent to me after entering my credit card and having my payment processed?
Please open up a support ticket so we can discuss this further.

As italian business owner I am interested in this topic too.
i'm also interested in this topic.
The easiest way to implement the required VAT information is to utilize one of the "Contact Information" data fields from the Settings area:

For example, you can append the required information into the 'Company Name' field, and it will be displayed on your invoices.

Russell Mitchell | Support Team
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