How can I redirect the phpmyadmin login on apache to port 443 instead of 80?

November 5, 2017 533 views
Apache Security Ubuntu 16.04

Hi friends,

I have a problem when I login into phpmyadmin the URL has this format: then the login redirect page is wrong and show me an error: "ERRSSLPROTOCOL_ERROR"

How Can I redirect to 443 instead of 80?

Thanks for your help.

2 Answers


If you are using https in the URL already you do not need to use :80 at the end, simple should work.

Please check your Apache configuration for that specific domain, is the vhost entry for the port 443 is there with SSL cert entries.


thanks for your anwser, I am not using this port, let me explain me, I go to my where is the login form and when I pass the login I am being redirected to

Then I can't see this new page because the URL is not being resolved (https with port 80 seems wrong)...

Then if I change the '80' for '443' in the url of the browser the redirect has success but how can I automatize this?

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