How can I reinstall CentOS 7?

December 13, 2016 8.8k views
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I installed CentOS 7 on my new droplet with the one click installer. I want to blow the machine away and reinstall it but I want to keep the IP address so I don’t have to update my DNS. I didn’t make a snapshot right after the install or I’d restore from that. Can I do this? Thanks.

2 Answers

Yes, you can, with Rebuild option.

Go to Control Panel, select your Droplet and click Destroy from ‘right’ menu. You’ll see Rebuild option where you can select image.

Once you select image, click Rebuild, confirm, and wait for it to finish.

WARNING: All data will be destroyed, please make backup or snapshot if you have important data there!

Great. Thanks. I didn’t want to click “Destroy” not knowing if there were options for it.

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