How can I remove a plugin or change a directory's name?

October 6, 2019 53 views
WordPress One-Click Install Apps

I am facing the following problem. I installed wordpress through one click installation. Then I installed shield security plugin. I enabled google recaptcha through that plugin. But Keys were not properly set. I am locked out of site. I couldnot login into my wp admin base.

I found this solution.

So I can either change folder name or create additional folder in that directory. How do I do that using ssh ?

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Hi @matam,

You are perfectly correct, you can SSH to your server, go to your applications folder

cd /path/to/file

and disable the plugin by renaming the folder

cd wp-content/plugins/
mv FoldersOfPlugin to FoldersOfPlugin-old

See if you can access your website now.



Thanks for your reply

It is not working.

my: command not found

Between wordpress is intaleld at



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