How can I remove/disable letsencrypt on Apache Ubuntu 16.04 server?

September 16, 2016 5.5k views
Apache Let's Encrypt Ubuntu

I followed the DigitalOcean tutorial on installing Let's Encrypt available here: but now I would like to completely remove it from my server as I am having issues with form submissions over SSL.

How can I completely remove Let's Encrypt?

Thank you.

3 Answers

Hi, you can disable like this:

a2dissite 000-default-le-ssl.conf


service apache2 reload

Hope it helps.

You would need to modify your apache configuration files to remove your https entry and any reference to your certificate files. Letsencrypt is installed under /opt/letsencrypt when following our tutorials so you can also remove that directory to delete the letsencrypt tools.

  • I've successfully removed all Let's Encrypt files but now my site does not load. It still has the https in it. I cleared my browser cache but apparently is not that.

    • Did you already opened your apache config file e.g yoursite.conf and removed the rewrite rule? then delete the symlink in site-enabled for your-site-ssl-____conf?

Thank you. This worked for me

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