How can i restore login to a website if the customer stopped paying DigitalOcean for hosting but i need to login with my account there??

Posted July 23, 2017 2.8k views


domain: stopped paying Digital Ocean for hosting services without notifying me in advance:

verge developer communicated to the community on page 290 (bitcoin talk link below) that they will terminate the contract with you at the end of July.

but we are not yet here and we get this message on 20th:

Basically he paid for a service, community and myself included stored important info there and did not announce via email or forum in advance that he will terminate web hosting Only after doing it as seen in the links provided.

I need to login with my username on

i read that you store for 14 days website data on your servers , please do NOT delete so that i can login there.

let me know of the procedure , i will do everything / talk with somebody from higher management in Digital Ocean to get some help and understanding for this unfortunate situation.

please advise.....

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Hi @vladulaur

You need the developer to pay, or get the login details from the developer to the DigitalOcean control panel, so you can pay.
DigitalOcean will not give access to someone else account/droplet.

But this is just the community forum, so us users cannot answer for DigitalOcean.
You need to contact support, but their response will most likely be exactly the same.

Hi there,

Thanks for the tip.

Here s the thing, in the meantime I talked with the project dev.

Seems that a guy paid to digitalocean as a donation and he is not active for months.

Dev sent email to digital ocean to try to take over the payment and restore the server. Server is down since 20 July so I guess we still have a chance within the 14 days interval post non payment.

After payment is not effectuated anymore, 14 days I understand is the time that digital ocean still keeps the data intact.

So what is your suggestion in regard to what to say to digitalocean to understand that this is not a security breache if they accept verge coin Dev to take over and pay instead of the guy that just donated. The server here is used just as a web wallet so users will login with their own credentials. Verge Dev should be allowed to take over but I am very scared that we could face rejection. And it s about a 20k EUR loss for me + other users that cannot login in their accounts.

  • @vladulaur

    If you have the login for the DigitalOcean account, then just login and change the email+password, so you’re in control of the account.
    Then you pay whatever amount is outstanding to re-activate the droplets.

    If the Verge developer is not active/responding, then you have no change to gain control, since you are not the owner of the account and have no right to access the server.

    And for the future, never leave your money/coins in other peoples control. There’s a reason why banks are heavily regulated, because the government (at least in EU) needs to bail out each account (up to €100.000) if the bank goes bankrupt over night.

    • You are right, lesson learned but kind of hope that I learn it and still recoup my money.

      Not verge Dev,but a user of the community which opened account and paid to digitalocean as a donation for verge project, is the guy that has the credentials. And he is not active anymore,but verge Dev tried to contact digital ocean ,maybe the owner of the verge project can take back the verge wallet .

      I also hope that digitalocean has the means and will contact the guy that opened the account.i am sure that he will understand the situation and will handle over the account.
      But for this to happen he needs to be contacted…