How can I schedule droplet on/off?

July 23, 2015 4.2k views
Deployment API FreeBSD

I need to power on my droplets at a certain point in time (e.g everyday 07:00) to perform some tasks.
And then I'd like the opposite: power off a droplet regardless of what it's doing at a certain point in time (everyday 23:00).

Any way to achieve this?


2 Answers

Why do you want to shut it down?

  • Mainly, to save some quids.

    (I'm doing a pro-bono for a charity org, they don't have too much money to spend, they rather have the servers turned down rather then have them idling).

  • Droplets that are powered off are still charged at the usual hourly rate.


You are absolutely right, I apologize, I miss-understood the FAQ, I thought powered off droplet are charged 20%.
In that case, no point in power off, either scale down or cheap out.

Thank you for clarifying this.

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