how can i see my ip:8080 externaly in apache server?

December 14, 2017 2.2k views
Apache Node.js Ubuntu 16.04


i installed laravel and vue.js in an apache server. When i run vue from my terminal it works http://localhost:8080. When i try to check it externally like, i see only This site can’t be reached.

I visited and the result is that:
You have reached this page on port 8080. Your network allows you to use this port.

I haven’t done anything yet because i am not experienced with servers. I read about vhosts etc, but a guidance or help for someone more experienced would be more than welcome.

Thank you

1 Answer

I’m assuming you’re running php artisan serve. Running that should output:

Laravel development server started: <>

Notice how it says the server is accessible through that is equivalent to http://localhost:8000. Since it’s a development server, Laravel makes it accessible on the localhost loopback interface only, which means that it wouldn’t be accessible from outside of the Droplet as a security measure. That’s why browsing to isn’t working.

Since you have Apache set up, edit the Apache config and make sure DocumentRoot for your domain name is set to /path/to/laravel/public (for example: /var/www/html/laravel/public). Doing so should allow Apache to serve your Laravel application in a production environment, on port 80.

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