How can I set up reverse MX records?

June 15, 2015 3.5k views
DigitalOcean DNS

I had to send an important email but i got aClient host rejected: cannot find your reverse hostname error. As far as I know, I need a PTR record to set the reversed DNS, but as I saw, those records are entered by DigitalOcean itself.
What should I do now?


  • The PTR is set to the same value as the name of your droplet, if the IP resolves correctly.

  • @gp+digitalocean As far as I can see, no PTR record is set. I also used some online tools to check… Is that possible?

  • Once caches expire it should be good. I would like to confirm but you never stated the IP address or domain involved.

  • OK!
    Domain: missaglialfio dot pw

1 Answer

Solved: I didn’t realize that DO sets PTR records using the Droplet’s name itself.
I just renamed my droplet to

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