How can i setup a mail server ?

April 20, 2014 12.1k views
i feel messy i found many tutorials over internet for email servers and email boxes like iRedMail and others but all with errors "for me" and i can't figure about how can i make an email server supports "POP3" in order to use it in Gmail. Anybody please can help !! I'm using ubuntu 14.04
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  • Not sure if my answer is still useful but just in case it is : You could try Webmin/Virtualmin - I had the same need and tried iRedMail and a couple of other, eventually settling in for Webmin.

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How To Install iRedMail On Ubuntu 12.04 x64

I am working on this at the moment not working yet.
by Bulat Khamitov
If you would like to create your own online e-mail system, you can use iRedMail. In this article we will explain how you can do it on your Ubuntu 12.04 virtual server.
My first attempt at setting up a mail server was with ISPConfig 3. It didn't work. My next attempt was with Virtualmin. It didn't work either. I spent many hours tinkering with it until it worked.
Even though I now have a working mail server, I am seriously considering paying for e-mail service. It's potentially less expensive for the number of users I have, and somebody else can deal with the headaches.
Hello there,
Well, I had the same problem for a week I was trying to setup my mail server, gone through many tutorials until I found this website,
I have setup my mailserver and now I have a fully fuctional website and a mailserver. The instructions are very clear and if you find any mistake you can read the commends bellow for the answers.
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