How can I solve high CPU usage, 100%, all the time for Ubuntu 14.04?

September 28, 2014 9.9k views

I’m using $ 10 / mo DigitalOcean package which have 1 GM ram, 1 Core processor, 30 GB SSD disk running Ubuntu 14.04, Apache, Mysql and Wordpress latest version.

I didnt change any configuration file on system but sometimes I’m seeing 100% CPU and cant access my site on browser.

Anyone idea what happened?

PS: Power off/boot cant solve the problem.

1 Answer

Just migrate from Apache to Nginx ..

You will also need this to have Wordpress work perfectly with Nginx.

It’s a little bit of work, but worth it..

Have some coffee tonight and put in work!! Thank me later!!! All the best.

by Etel Sverdlov
Wordpress is a free and open source website and blogging tool that uses php and MySQL. It was created in 2003 and has since then expanded to manage 22% of all the new websites created and has over 20,000 plugins to customize its functionality. This tutorial shows how to install Wordpress on a server with LEMP (with nginx instead of apache). It is written for Ubuntu 12.04.
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