How can I solve high CPU usage, 100%, all the time, on OpenERP v7 running on Ubuntu 12.04 x64?

August 8, 2014 5.7k views

Hi Community,

I am running OpenERP V7, installed on Ubuntu 12.04 x64 server hosted by Digital Ocean.

I am experiencing high CPU usage averaging 99%, all the time. As a result, the system is slow and unresponsive at all times.

I have increased the server infrastructure to 4 cores with 8gb RAM but the performance remains the same.

This happens with only a single user logged into the system! – so user volume is not the issue.

Digital Ocean suggested this was due to the load OpenERP placed on Postgres.

Has anyone experienced this problem? And is there a solution?

The goal is to run with approximately 500 – 1000 users so I am concerned if the system cannot cope with one user.

Really need some help here!

many thanks in advance,


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  • I have just a simple apache2 and I am building a PHP webapp. I have seen this happend to me twice already in last 3 months. Strangely I dint get any help from support. I will appreciate any suggestions on how to fix such CPU usage problem in DIGITAL Ocean. We should be atleast able to know why such things happen.

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I’d like to know the answer to this, too.
Have you installed lots of the OpenERP modules? Or only a few?
How do you know what CPU usage is on OpenERP?

I have the same problem. insanely high cpu.

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