How can I transfer a droplet between the teams?

September 27, 2016 2.2k views
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How can I transfer a droplet between the teams within the same accounts without change of IP address?

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    I have a droplet (personal account) and my dev partner has another droplet (also personal account) in the same datacenter.

    What I'd like is to create a team and move my droplet and his droplet to this team without changing IPs or other hassle, it should be straightforward from the admin panel to move droplets between accounts/teams.

    Is this going to be supported anytime soon or we have to change configs all over the place and put the machines down for hours?

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It is not possible to transfer a droplet between teams or accounts. You can take a snapshot and transfer it between teams and accounts, but you would get a new IP.



What I need is to selectively transfer some Droplets to a Team.
Actually, I also need to transfer some Domains, Volumes, Snapshots, etc..
When I created the team, the only option available is transfer EVERYTHING, which is not an option for me, as my account runs several non-Team resources.

Do you plan on supporting or working on something like this?
Selective transfer of some resources like Droplets, Domains, Floating IPs, etc. to another Team?
I won't mind even if this is a manual process and I need to submit a support ticket.


I need to invoice different clients for different droplets. Currently I have all my droplets under my account, I've set up a team for each of my clients but then find out that there is no way to move droplets between teams. This is a problem, it should be possible to do this so that the droplets can be grouped into different invoices. I know I can recreate a droplet from a snapshot, but it's not smooth, result in changed IPs etc..

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