How can I transfer a droplet between the teams?

September 27, 2016 3.4k views
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How can I transfer a droplet between the teams within the same accounts without change of IP address?

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    I have a droplet (personal account) and my dev partner has another droplet (also personal account) in the same datacenter.

    What I'd like is to create a team and move my droplet and his droplet to this team without changing IPs or other hassle, it should be straightforward from the admin panel to move droplets between accounts/teams.

    Is this going to be supported anytime soon or we have to change configs all over the place and put the machines down for hours?

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It is not possible to transfer a droplet between teams or accounts. You can take a snapshot and transfer it between teams and accounts, but you would get a new IP.



What I need is to selectively transfer some Droplets to a Team.
Actually, I also need to transfer some Domains, Volumes, Snapshots, etc..
When I created the team, the only option available is transfer EVERYTHING, which is not an option for me, as my account runs several non-Team resources.

Do you plan on supporting or working on something like this?
Selective transfer of some resources like Droplets, Domains, Floating IPs, etc. to another Team?
I won't mind even if this is a manual process and I need to submit a support ticket.


I need to invoice different clients for different droplets. Currently I have all my droplets under my account, I've set up a team for each of my clients but then find out that there is no way to move droplets between teams. This is a problem, it should be possible to do this so that the droplets can be grouped into different invoices. I know I can recreate a droplet from a snapshot, but it's not smooth, result in changed IPs etc..

I completely agree. I was hoping to split up all the droplets I had to teams related to different clients. The way it works now is nice for new clients, but shame we can't use it with our old clients. Snapshotting and killing just isn't an option with the downtime or branching data that will create.

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