how can I transfer my data on my domain to my subdomain?

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hi to all. I have got a wordpress nginx ubuntu 14 droplet which has 4 subdomains. 2 of them are operational. i need to copy my main site’s data to one of my subfolder to make the other subdomain operational too. i tried to do that getting data from root directory and use import from wordpress dashboard but it crashes my website. i tried a migration plugin in wordpress it is no good either. i dont know the way for it. can you please help? thanks.

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As all of the domains are on the same server, you need to create separate Nginx server blocks for each sub domain. You can follow the steps on how to do that here:

After that you need to make sure that you create a separate database and database user for each website.

Once you have these two things, you can move the data of your website as you described in your post. Even a migration plugin should work in this case.

Hope that this helps!

by Justin Ellingwood
When using the Nginx web server, server blocks (similar to the virtual hosts in Apache) can be used to encapsulate configuration details and host more than one domain off of a single server. In this guide, we'll discuss how to configure server blocks in Nginx on an Ubuntu...
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