How can one droplet access another and write files

June 21, 2019 2k views
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My company is pushing a new service live and we want you guys to be the web hosting providers, simply because you are awesome and I have had a great experience with you so far! I will not get into small details on what does the service do but will explain it conceptually so hopefully, you will be able to tell me if something like this is doable and if it is what is the best approach for it.

Ok so… I have a root droplet in which I have my Spring boot application which users from all around the world can use. Now what I need is to get files that are being processed by the application and write them onto another Droplet accordingly (which may or may not be on the account where the root droplet is). So in a sense, I need for my root droplet to have access to child droplets with writing privileges in certain folders, of course in a secure manner.

Is something like this possible? And if it is what is the best approach?

Kind Regards,
Luka Balac

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Hi Luka,

I believe that there are two ways to do that:

  • Setup an NFS server on your main droplet and then on the secondary droplets mount you NFS share. Here’s how you could do that:

  • Use the Lsyncd service to mirror your local directory to your secondary remote droplets. Here’s a great article on DigitalOcean on how to set that up:

Hope that this is what you are after!


by Justin Ellingwood
While administrating web and application servers, there are many times when it is useful to mirror directories. The lsyncd service can mirror local and remote directories in order to propagate changes from one location to another. This guide will cover the basic usage of this tool.
  • Hi Bobby!

    I read both articles and I think that the second lsyncd option matches my needs. I will test both and send my progress here!!

    Mustache Gracias! :D

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