how can transfer a google html file to my site via terminal... what terminal command... Thanx Mike

Posted May 2, 2017 1.4k views

can you answer to this problematic ?

how can transfer a google html file to my site via terminal… what terminal command… Than

thanx m

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Hi @gaillard111

You can transfer a file to your droplet via SFTP if you want a graphical interface (most file managers supports this).
It works like FTP does, but uses the SSH protocol, so everything is encrypted.

Or you can use scp if your client computer is a Unix-based system. The command would look like this:

scp /path/to/local/google.html root@droplet_domain_or_ip:/path/on/server/google.html

OK, thanx a lot Hansen.... Unfortunately I’m not computer scientist… just sort of a tinkerman… so I’m kind of lost.

I cannot figure how to insert the right adresses with what you gave me.

filename to transfer is googlec11f2b133ba8e7c9.html

my dropplet adress root@ubuntu-1gb-fra1-01:~#

my droplet ipv4: C

what do I need more than that ? and how do I write the command

Sorry to be so incompetent… Hoping you can help

Best mike

  • @gaillard111

    How did you transfer your site (the files) to your droplet? You just do the same for the google-html-file.
    I’m guessing you’re using OSX (based on your writing “terminal”), so you can use to connect over SFTP to your droplet.

    You need to be able to know how to do simple commands - otherwise you might end up with a server that is not updated with security patches or you might accidentally forget to protect something from the outside (like the database).

    Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t use DigitalOcean, just be aware that anything that happens on the server is your responsibility.