How can uninstall everything from my droplet using putty?

October 6, 2016 1.7k views
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I want to uninstall everything from my droplet using putty . How can I do this? I cannot rebuild or destroy droplet Because the confirmation mail sent to my clients mail but I dont want to ask him again again.

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Simply put, no. There is no method I am aware of to cleanly roll back your droplet’s OS to a clean installation of your OS that can be performed from within the droplet without accessing the control panel.

You can certainly uninstall particular packages using apt-get purge which works like apt-get remove but also removes configuration files and other files associated with the package but this would not bring you back to a clean system.

If someone out there has another idea I’d like to hear it too.

If you had control panel access you’d have a few options:

1.) you could use the rebuild function to start clean.
2.) You could destroy the droplet and create it clean from a snapshot or OS image.
3.) You could ask our support team to mount a recovery image allowing you to work with your droplet’s disk image while not booted to it.

This can all be frustrating when working with a client, especially if you are not given direct access to their account. A while ago, we rolled out our team accounts feature and published this tutorial (and an associated video) designed to walk non-technical clients through the process of inviting their developer into a team account on digitalocean. If you have your client follow this you will get access to create/destroy/rebuild droplets on their account without any access to sensitive billing details.

by Justin Ellingwood
DigitalOcean is a Cloud hosting company that makes it easier for developers to build and host websites, applications, and projects. If you are working with a developer or designer to create your site or app, DigitalOcean team accounts make it easy to give them access to the...
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