How can you merge root partition to newly added volume block? (CENTOS 7)

Posted January 23, 2020 2.7k views

I ran out of space on a droplet with 25GB on it. I added a 50GB volume block. When I attempt to add more data to the droplet it will not automatically go over to the next partition and tells me there is no space left. When I run the command. “fdisk -l” I have two partitions. /dev/vda1 & /dev/sda2. I select the auto-mount setting and set the format to XFS in the control panel. What can I do to expand the root partition to the volume block added to the droplet?

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Hello, @data2j

Block storage volumes are network-based block devices that provide additional data storage for Droplets. They’re usually used for adding additional storage for the default upload directory, to store backups to host personal file information and etc.

When you want to expand your droplet’s main partition you can follow this docs:

You need to select an option for the upgrade from the control panel:

CPU and RAM only or Disk, CPU, and RAM resizing,

Once the server is started you can make sure everything is working fine and then you can continue with the resizing. The resize command will depend from the file system in question so you can check the documentation to make sure what to use, or just let me know if you have any questions regarding this step from the process.

Let me know how it goes.


  • The documentation provided only assists for resizing your droplet(vda). I want to know how to combine a partition to the root partition after adding a volume block a.k.a just purchasing more storage space through the volume block option. Basically combining vda and sda to one ultimate partition, logically.

    • Hello, @data2j

      Yes the steps I’ve provided is for resizing your droplet, because I believe that this was your ultimate goal. May I ask why exactly you want to do the upgrade in the manner you’ve mentioned?

      As mentioned the block volume storage is usually used for adding additional storage. They’re like additional SSDs added like separate partitions and not to extend the available partition.


      • @alexdo, while I can’t speak to the OP’s scenario, I have the exact same question. I am running a Perforce server and the size of the depot has exceeded the original partition on the droplet.

        There is no option to keep the same droplet CPU/Mem specs and only increase the SSD size on a droplet. That makes it extremely expensive if all I need is more space. Afaict, that’s what volumes are for. However, I don’t want to leave all of the disk space on the droplet unused and pay for an entire standalone volume big enough to hold the depot. Instead, I’d like to pay for a volume big enough to satisfy my needs when combined with the space on the droplet itself.

        The reasoning behind the question strikes me as very intuitive, and I’m surprised at how much difficulty I’m having finding an answer. Is there really no way to accomplish this?

        • I’ve yet to this day found the answer. All I did was just use the volume block big enough for all my cloud data and left the default one for the Server. I wasn’t successful in combining the two. I get your expense point, but I’m dealing with less the 100gb combined so It isn’t that big of a deal for me.

          • May I ask how you managed to install the Perforce Server directly to the volume please? I have been trying to install the server under “/mnt” but it doesn’t work. When I check under P4admin I still see the remaining disc size of the droplet I’m using. Thank you