How do I access my server from a machine other than the one running my droplet?

March 9, 2014 1.2k views
I've made an app using eve, and when I run 'python', I receive 'Running on', but when I try to access that from my laptop's browser (, I'm unable to connect. Help?
3 Answers
If your application is binding in localhost (, you need to access this IP address only by the server where the app is running. Or you have the optional to change the bind to another IP and access remotely.
Other optional is to make a tunnel trough ssh and access remotely like you are localy.

And how do you bind another IP? I’m having the same issue

It will depends what library are you using, basically you need to tell on what IP’s the application will bind.
Usually is something like the example bellow (if you are using eve), to listen on all IP addresses.‘’)

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