How do I access my website files (control panel)?

September 17, 2013 4.8k views
I am not a web developer. I tried to disable the mobile version of my website by unclicking the enable button on the modules list in the admin of my drupal site. After than the website was blank. I have been told that I need access to my control panel in order to fix the problem but I can't find that on digital ocean. Can anyone advice what I should do please. The response I am getting from Digital Ocean support team is very vague (one liners) and not helpful at all. Thank you
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This question is like to ask how to fix your car stereo in truck drivers forum. I know this sound discouraging, but you should at least ask this in some Drupal forum or hire someone to do it, it is not hosting company issue that the software running on the server they sell doesn't work properly - and that is the reason they won't answer your question. Even if they want, there might be no one worked with Drupal.
As chupa said, I suggest asking in a Drupal support forum. I'm sure they can help you, I've never used Drupal so I don't know what's up, it does seem like a php error though.
install drush and "drush en your_module"

I think you ask like this how do I access to unbolted sit .

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