how do i access the Cpanel?

March 17, 2015 7.8k views
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how do i access the Cpanel?

  • If you’re not aware, droplets don’t have cPanel installed, you must do that yourself with your own license.

  • ok how do i do that?

  • yes.

    I am also interested in cPanel or cPanel alternatives.

    How can I set up emails, cron jobs and site transfer through digital ocean?

  • Hello RBILL,

    Again Bandish here.
    you can use webmin for monitoring.
    Here is the tutorials.
    Install Webmin on Digitalocean.


    by Mitchell Anicas
    Webmin is a web-based system administration tool for Unix-like systems. It provides an easy alternative to command line system administration and can be used to manage various aspects of a system, such as users and services, through the use of the provided Webmin modules. If you want to manage your own server but you are uncomfortable with the command line, Webmin is a good tool to help you get started. This tutorial covers the installation of Webmin with SSL using apt-get on Ubuntu 14.04.
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You will either need to buy cPanel and install it yourself or learn to use the command line to control your droplet. cPanel is not included with any droplet.

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