How do I access zpanel on a subdomain?

July 2, 2013 13.6k views
I used this guide to install zpanel: During installation I put But the only way I can access zpanel is through Keep in mind the domain was purchased somewhere else. When I went into my account where I purchased the domain I set up a subdomain: Now how do I point this to make it work to access zpanel on my subdomain?
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Creating the sub-domain w/the DNS registrar is only 1 step in the process. You also have to tell your web server what page to load when someone comes a'knocking via the sub-domain. You need to do that in either


Then--for Nginx--create a symbolic link in

to by executing
sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/ /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

For Apache, the command is:
sudo a2ensite

Hi I have same problem. My ZpanelCP use my domain but I want to use ZPanelCP on subdomain and on page i want to have my own blog. Please could you help me ?

Please don't duplicate your questions - I've answered your article comment.
Which web server are you using?
I gave the issue it's own question because it has not been asked before, i searched google

I have a set a subdomain pointing to my DO IP address
I have same question, I'm completely lost in setting up subdomain.
I'm not even sure did I do all ok.
I have domain registered at namecheap, I put there NS1,NS2,NS3, I put in digital ocean setup, just for A record, to point to ip.
For installation of zpanel I put, but when I go to my ip it goes to zpanel ... I'm all lost and confused how to set it up, there is no clear instruction for non developers. Thanks.
I noticed when I retrieved password something wrong:
@kova.zag: What do you mean by
I noticed when I retrieved password something wrong:

Can you please explain further?
For example how to redirect my VPS IP to a subdomain like:
@Miguel: Do you want to redirect to

/zpanel is a subdirectory, not a subdomain. Please create a separate question.
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