How do I add a second SSH key to droplet?

April 2, 2015 9.1k views
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New to Digital Ocean. I created a new droplet. Added an SSH key which we can't use (laptop broke). I want to add a second SSH key for desktop machine. How can I do this via the control panel interface?

  • if you can ssh in to your droplet you could just:

    nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

    and paste your key in. Save (ctrl X and then y )

    that's it!

  • Thank you for your reply! I can only get to the control panel. When I set up the droplet it appeared that I could either add an SSH key (which I did, I wish I hadn't), or get a root password by email. So now I have a droplet with a single public SSH key in it that I can't access because the laptop that has the private key is down. How can I get out of this Catch 22, other than kill the droplet and create another one?

  • OK, I figured out how to reset my password (I told you I was new to DO). I have the new password, but -- don't laugh -- what is my username? I don't remember setting up one. Is it my email address? I tried that, it didn't work...

2 Answers

Adding your key to the DigitalOcean control panel after the Droplet is created will not give you access to the Droplet.

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