How do I add an additional network to my ZNC bouncer?

November 6, 2013 9.5k views
I have ZNC installed on my droplet and it's working fine to EsperNet. I want to add another IRC network to my bouncer and I have had no success from googles. I'm quite stuck and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
2 Answers
By googling this, I found the following thing in their Wiki

What is this new network support?
It means you can add multiple IRC networks such as EFnet and freenode onto a single user. Instead of creating multiple users for each network like you did in versions before 1.0.

Are you running <1.0 or >=1.0? I don't use ZNC, but I'd say there should be a visible option to add more than one Network to an account.
When you're connected to the bouncer do /msg *status addnetwork then connect to it with your irc client the same way you do for EsperNet, but change the username to username/newnetworkname so you can be connected to both at the same time.
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