How do I allow or open ports on my Ubuntu Server "ufw"?

February 12, 2019 722 views
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I am trying to setup a UniFi Cloud Controller and have already installed the controller software but am unable to access it because of the blocked ports.

On my server I have allowed the specific ports I need open “sudo ufw allow 8443/tcp”, and others. However when I check the ports using “” they all show as “Blocked”. I have even reset the ufw and disabled it, but they were still blocked. I do not have a firewall enabled on my droplet either. Any ideas?

2 Answers

if you’ve disabled the firewall, ports shouldn’t be blocked. If you have windows, try testing with telnet, i.e. telnet {ip} {port}, i.e. telnet 8443

by the way, we are building user friendly control panel, that you can connect all of your servers to and use user friendly UI to manage your servers, including Firewall. We are going into beta soon, be sure to sign-up to our mailing list if you’d like to try out beta for free and give feedback.

I enabled the ufw and allowed port 22 and it connected via telnet. However, when I allowed port 8443 and it still blocked access to the ubuntu server.

I will check out

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